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Portable wheelchair ramps for your home, school, or business from Express Ramps

If you are disabled, you need a safe way to get into your home, and if you own a business, church, or any other organization serving the public, you need a way to give as many people as possible a safe way to enter its premises. Express Ramps provides permanent or portable handicap ramps that are safe and can be shipped to your location free of charge.

Why you should get a wheelchair ramp for your home?

There are many reasons why some people are unable to get into their homes. Some suffer accidents that leave them temporarily disabled, while others are born with disabilities that impede their abilities to get around. Senior citizens become frailer with age and would like to age in place. If you are permanently or temporarily disabled, and you live in a home or apartment you have difficulty getting into, we sell portable ramps for homes that will make your life easier. Here are some of the options available to our customers:

ADA Wheelchair access ramps for schools, churches and businesses.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) stipulates that businesses, schools, and virtually all other public and private organizations, must make reasonable accommodations to grant disabled people access to their establishments. We can help you meet ADA guidelines by providing you with:

With these access options, your organization can be ADA compliant, allowing you to serve Americans with disabilities more efficiently. We can have your ADA ramp code compliant and ready quickly with our fast-free shipping. Order wheelchair ramps for your home or business today!

Portable Wheelchair Ramps
Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Singlefold Portable Wheelchair Ramps

  • Singlefold Portable ramps.
  • 2', 3', 4', 5', 6', 7', 8' lengths.
  • Use for vehicles, stairs, decks & more.
From $119.99
Suitcase Portable Folding Ramps

Suitcase Portable Wheelchair Ramps

  • Portable Wheelchair Ramp up to 6 ft. long.
  • Unique 2-Piece Portable Handicap Ramps
  • Portable, Folding access for wheel chairs or scooters.
From $109.99
Trifold Wheelchair Portable ramps

Trifold Portable Wheelchair Ramps

  • 5, 6, 7, 8 or 10 foot ramp lengths.
  • Folding Portable Wheelchair Ramps.
  • Wheelchair Ramp for Stairs, Trucks, Vans & Minivans.
From $250.99
Traverse Portable Loading Ramp for Trucks

Traverse Portable Loading Ramp

  • 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 14 foot loading ramps
  • Traverse ™ Portable Ramps Support up to 1200 lbs.
  • Portable Loading ramps for Trucks, trailers, Loading Docks & more.
From $339.99
Gateway 3G Ramps without Handrails

Gateway 3G Wheelchair Ramps without Handrails

  • Full 36" wide non-skid aluminum surface.
  • Available up to 10 Feet long.
  • Great handicapped ramps for Stairs, Patios & more
From $259.99
Gateway 3G Ramps with Two-line Handrails

Gateway 3G Wheelchair Ramps with Handrails

  • Aluminum wheelchair access with handrails.
  • Two-Line or Vertical Picket Handrails.
  • Handicap Ramps up to 10 feet long.
From $630.50
Pathway 3G handicap Ramps System.

Pathway 3G Solo Wheelchair Ramp Kits

  • Wheelchair Ramps up to 30 feet long.
  • Kit comes complete with everything needed.
  • Easy to install handicap ramp access.
From $749.99
Pathway HD ADA Wheelchair ramps

Pathway HD Solo Wheelchair Ramp Kits

  • Complete ADA Ramp Kits
  • Available up to 30 Feet long
  • Includes 5x5 top platform
  • Meets ADA Specifications & Guidelines
From $2,290.00
ADA Compliant steps for businesses

Pathway HD ADA Compliant Stairs

  • ADA, IBC & OSHA Compliance Aluminum Stairs
  • Available from 18" to 60" high
  • Office Metal Stairs for your business.
From $1,290.00
Passport Wheelchair Lifts

Passport Portable Wheelchair Lift

  • 44", 52" & 72" platform wheelchair lifts.
  • Straight across or side exit Scooter Lift.
  • Indoor or outdoor handicap lift.
From $5,799.99
Transitions Angled Entry Mat

Transitions Beveled Rubber Threshold Ramps

  • 1.5" or 2.5" high Wheelchair Ramps
  • Ramps for Wheelchairs, Scooters & more
  • ADA Slope Compliant
From $159.99
Transitions Modular Entry Threshold Ramps

Transitions Modular Entry Threshold Ramps

  • Threshold Ramps available up to 6" high.
  • Free standing threshold ramps design.
  • Great for Single Steps, Door Thresholds & more.
From $39.99
Transitions Adjustable Door Threshold Ramps

Transitions Adjustable Door Threshold Ramps

  • Adjustable threshold ramps usable 1⅜" to 5⅞" rise
  • Self-Supporting and Easily Adjustable Ramps.
  • Use for Door Thresholds, Single Steps & more
From $79.99
Transitions Rubber Threshold Ramps

Transitions Rubber Threshold Ramps

  • Handicap ramp accessibility.
  • Usable up to 4 3/4" high!
  • Great for door threshold ramps, curbs and single steps.
From $159.99
TILT Power Toilet Seat Lift

TILT Toilet Seat Lift for Independent Living

  • Fits most standard toilets.
  • Comfortable raises or lowers person.
  • Easy to install for independent living.
From $649.99