PATHWAY 3G Adjustable Metal Stairs

Pathway 3G metal stairs with Free Shipping!

  • Pathway® Stairs easy to adjust, reconfigure or move.
  • Risers have a permanent non-skid surface.
  • Porch, Deck or Trailers Stairs Install in Minutes!
  • 36" wide and 850 lbs. weight capacity
  • Our Aluminum Stairs are Made in the USA!
  • Optional Rear Legs to make them portable steps!
  • Free Ground Shipping!

Buy Pathway 3G Adjustable Aluminum Stairs Today!

Manufacturer: EZ-ACCESS

PATHWAY 3G Adjustable Steps from 8" to 56" in height

Metal Stairs with Free Shipping

PATHWAY® Modular Stair Systems

- These aluminum, adjustable stair systems for sale are available for use for up to 56 inches in height. The portable metal stairs for sale are easy to attach to our platforms (optional) or an existing platform, deck or stoop. Take a minute to view the OSHA stairs that we carry as well. For decks, trailers, or stoops, choose our Pathway® aluminum stairs for sale. Our portable metal stairs are built to be an easy solution for accessing your residence or business. Installing the metal steps only takes a few minutes – and once they’re installed, these steps will stay in place so you can enter and exit the building when needed.

Metal stairs for sale from Express Ramps have sturdy builds

– they’re built to withstand the elements. These portable staircases can support up to 850 lbs. and are made out of strong aluminum with a non-skid surface. For added security, our portable stairs feature handrails made of the same dependable metal as the rest of the staircase. The non-skid surface is permanent, so it won’t wear down – meaning that our stairs are safe to use as long as they’re in place.

These aluminum stairs are easy to adjust in minutes.

Each staircase can be adjusted in its height range. If you find yourself needing a set of stairs we carry portable metal stairs ranging from 8” to 56” in height. You can attach our stairs to your existing platform or porch, or order an aluminum platform for an easy attaching solution. (Metal stair platforms from Express Ramps also come with handrails.) Alternatively, you can order rear legs to make your staircase free-standing. It’s easy to find a set of aluminum stairs for sale here that fits your specific need.

At Express Ramps, our goal is your comfort and satisfaction. Our collection of portable metal stairs will help you get where you need to go with ease. Find the perfect Pathway® portable staircase here or contact us for additional information. We’re always happy to help.