TILT Handicap Toilet Seat Lift for Independent Living

TILT Toilet Seat Lifter is perfect for helping someone with trouble getting on or off a toilet seat, helping them live a more independent lifestyle. These lifts attach right to the base of most standard toilets and gently raise the person up to a near standing elevation.

TILT Toilet Seat Lifts with Free Shipping!

  • Easy Installation in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Power Motor Commode lifts up to 325 lbs.
  • Toilet Seat and Arms Lift in Natural Motion
  • Arms are lower than seat in down position for easy transfers
  • Removable Cover on toilet lift seat for quick cleaning.
  • Both Standard (rounded front) & Elongated (oval) models
  • Optional Battery Backup available for the lifts
  • Free Ground Shipping!

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Manufacturer: EZ-ACCESS

TILT Power Toilet Seat Lifter

TILT Toilet Lift with Free Shipping!Power Toilet Seat Lift - The number one selling US made Commode lift! This lift toilet seat will quickly, yet quietly raise you up towards a standing position, making it easier and safer to use the bathroom for anyone needing a little extra help to get up. This toilet lifter is easy to install on most commodes. Powered toilet seat lift units are available for the standard round front style commode or the elongate (oval) front. Simply select the option that fits your needs below and find the right handicapped toilet seat for your lifestyle. Just push a button to assist you to a standing position and live a more independent life! This auto toilet seat lifter includes a 2-Year Warranty and free ground shipping.


These power toilet lifts are non-returnable due to hygiene safety regulations.