EZ-ACCESS Pathway 3G Wheelchair Ramp Parts & Accessories

ez access replacement ramp parts for the pathway 3G wheelchair ramp system.

EZ-ACCESS Replacement Ramp Parts

We offer a large selection of parts and accessories for the EZ-ACCESS Pathway 3G ramp system. Please refer to the instruction manual for more details on each part list.  All these items are genuine replacement parts shipped directly from the manufacturer.  

These parts are only compatible with the EZ Access Pathway 3G ramp system and may not work with older (pre 2017) versions of this Handicapped Ramp System.

PATHWAY 3G Aluminum Ramp Platforms

  • Platforms & Decks available in 7 sizes.
  • Easily Integrates with Ramps & Stairs.
  • Adjustable in Height.
From $799.99

PATHWAY 3G Adjustable Metal Stairs

  • Adjustable Metal Steps from 8" to 56".
  • Aluminum Stairs are easy to install.
  • Optional rear support legs for freestanding.
From $39.99

PATHWAY 3G Solo Straight Wheelchair Ramp Kits

  • Straight Wheelchair Ramps up to 30 feet long.
  • Kit comes complete with everything needed.
  • Easy to install handicap ramp access.
From $899.99

Pathway Ramp Support Legs

  • Support Legs for 3G Ramps.
From $56.99

Ramp Hanger Pair

  • Attaches Ramps to Standard Size Platforms
$49.99 $31.99

Ramp to Ramp Connector Kit (pair)

  • Connects two ramps sections together.
$199.95 $159.99

Top Support Assembly (pair)

  • Supports the top of a ramp when needed
$185.95 $139.99

Ramp Handrail End Brackets (pair)

  • Attaches handrails to the end of a ramp.
$69.95 $45.99

Adjustable Closure Elbow

$29.95 $19.99

Ramp Handrail to Ramp Handrail Connector

  • Insert for between two ramp section handrails
$29.99 $19.99

Angle Cap

$19.99 $9.99

Threaded Handrail Inserts

$19.99 $9.99

Pathway 3G Platform Handrail (Two-Line) Connector Kit

  • Connector Kit to close off handrails from the ramp the the platform handrails
$175.95 $149.99

Upper Transition Plate Kit

  • Attached the top end of a ramp to an existing platform or step.
$79.95 $59.99

Lower Ground Transition Plate Kit

  • 36" wide bottom transition plate
$99.95 $59.99

Ground Transition Plate Kit

$109.95 $99.99

36" x 6" Single Bridge Plate

$109.95 $89.99

Package of 4 End caps for Handrails

  • Caps for handrails without end loops
$39.95 $24.99

Polymer Base Foot

  • Replacement Polymer Base Foot
$34.99 $26.99

Upper End Loops

  • Pathway 3G Upper End Loop
$69.95 $58.99

Lower End Loops

  • Pathway 3G Lower End Loop
$69.95 $58.99

High Wind Tie Down Kit

  • High Wind Kit for pathway ramps
$189.95 $149.99

Platform to Platform Connector

  • Connects two 3G platforms together for larger platforms
$109.95 $89.99

Low Profile Ramp Legs

  • Use at the bottom of a ramp section for uneven ground transitions
$109.99 $99.99

Universal Angle Brace

$99.95 $69.99

Universal Cross Brace

$139.95 $99.99

Platform Tie Straps

$69.95 $59.99

Platform Handrail to Step Handrail Connector Kit

  • Connector Kit for Step handrails to Platform handrails
$185.95 $149.99

Ramp Handrail "Bee" Plugs

  • Plugs to close off extra holes
$39.95 $29.99

Modular Gate for top

  • Use at top of ramps or stairs
$199.95 $169.99

Wide Lower Ground Transition Plate Kit

  • 48" wide bottom transition plate
$109.95 $79.99

Low Profile Ramp Hanger Pair for Low Profile Platforms

  • Connect Ramps to Low Profile Pathway 3G Platforms
$45.99 $39.99

Landing Pad

  • Provides a flat landing area.
  • Use at the bottom of a Pathway 3G ramp.
$999.95 $899.95

Lightning Ground Rod Kit

  • Ground Kit for Lightning
$149.95 $99.99

Universal Gate Platform Post

  • Platform Post for Gate
$149.95 $119.99

Pathway Ramp Replacement Handrails

  • Replacement Handrails for 3G ramp sections
$289.99 From $249.99

5 Foot Pathway Platform Handrail Lower Curb

$65.99 $49.99

5 Foot Pathway Platform Handrail Tubing

$65.99 $41.99

Pathway Platform Replacement Handrails

  • Two-Line Replacement Handrail for Pathway 3G Platforms
$489.99 From $369.99