Wheelchair Ramp Calculator
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Wheelchair Ramps Wizard™ & Slope Calculator - Find the right ramp for your wheelchair or scooter

Selecting wheelchair ramps or scooter ramps
We offer a wide variety of wheelchair and scooter ramps and it is easy to get confused as to the right ramp for your situation. We developed our Wheelchair Ramp Wizard™ to help you quickly and easily find just the right ramp for you and your needs. Use this wheelchair ramp calculator with just a few clicks!

Measure the Rise for the Wheelchair Ramp
We will need to know the total rise you are climbing with the wheelchair ramp to calculate. This ramp slope calculator will give you the total vertical height you need to climb (in inches).

  • For stairs, measure each stair and add them together.
  • For Vans, Minivans or other vehicles, measure from the ground straight up to the highest point inside the vehicle you will need to reach. Please see our free Vehicle Wheelchair Ramp Guide
  • For other applications, like porches, measure from the ground straight up to the highest point you will need the wheelchair ramp to reach.
Wheelchair Ramps Wizard™: