Fortress OSHA Steps available from 23" up to 42" high.

Fortress OSHA Stairs are available in two height ranges for maximum flexibility.

Fortress Aluminum steps with Free Shipping!

  • Fortress Steps usable from 23" to 34" or 27.5" to 42.5"
  • Standard or Grip Grate Treads available
  • Easily Portable & Handrails can be installed on either side.
  • Large 60" x 40" platform and optional canopy.
  • Office Trailer Steps, portable Steps and Install in Minutes!
  • Permanent non-skid surface and 100 lbs. per square foot weight capacity.
  • Independent and quick-adjusting legs for easy leveling.

Buy portable Aluminum Fortress OSHA Steps and Stairs!

Manufacturer: EZ-ACCESS

Fortress OSHA Steps

OSHA Metal Stair Systems - These Fortress™ Portable OSHA Stairs are easily adjustable to fit your industrial metal stairs needs. Portable steps are easy to adjust from either 3 to 4 steps or 4 to 5 Steps in just minutes. These aluminum trailer steps are durable enough for permanent installations or as temporary portable steps. These are perfect for modular office buildings, industrial sites, office trailers and construction sites. Each metal OSHA step is a full 36 inches wide and has a rise of 8.5 inches. The metal OSHA stairs are easy to adjust as needed.

Our OSHA metal stairs systems meet OSHA Steps Standards are made of lightweight aluminum for outdoor durability that does not rust, rot or decay. The portable stairs with platforms (40" x 60" platform) which can allow access to either side of the platform. 3-year manufacturer's warranty on OSHA portable staircase. Our Quality Fortress™ Portable Stairs meet OSHA Steps Standards and are Made in the USA!