TRANSITIONS Rubber Threshold Ramps

TRANSITIONS Rubber Threshold Ramps are perfect solutions for door thresholds, single steps, landings and more. Available up to 4 ¾" in height with durable rubber ramp construction for your handicapped access needs.

Transitions Rubber Wheelchair Ramps with Free Shipping!

  • Rubber Threshold ramps for Wheelchairs, Scooters & more
  • Usable up to 4 ¾" high!
  • Great for rubber curb ramps, door thresholds and single steps.
  • Threshold Ramps can be trimmed to Custom Sizes.
  • Rubber Wheelchair Ramps Support up to 850 lbs.
  • Free Ground Shipping!

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Manufacturer: EZ-ACCESS

TRANSITIONS Rubber Threshold Ramps

Compliant Rubber Threshold Wheelchair & Scooter Ramps - EZ-ACCESS rubber handicap ramps are designed for doorways and raised landings. It can be used by itself or in pairs to make entry and/or exit convenient and safe. The rubber ramps simply sit against the door sill (inside or outside) to provide a smooth ground to sill transition. The Rubber Threshold ramp is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and because the ramp is fully portable, it can be moved to another location if desired. Optional pair of Rubber Risers can be combined with an additional ramp to create a maximum height of 4¾". Each size is 48 inches wide and supports up to 850 lbs. (bariatric compatible). These rubber threshold ramps can be trimmed to adjust both the height or width.

Trim Rubber Threshold Ramps for a Custom FitThese rubber threshold wheelchair ramps are easy to install in just minutes - Their freestanding design provides a sturdy, secure rubber surface. Constructed of 100% recycled materials that will not rust or corrode. Features a durable non-skid driving surface and is usable inside or out. This durable rubber ramp comes with a Lifetime manufacturer's warranty and Free Shipping! The perfect Rubber Wheelchair Ramp for home or business use.

Rubber Threshold Risers - The riser can be combined with 2.5 inch wheelchair ramp in front (as pictured above) and another 2.5" ramp on top to bring you up to a total of 4¾". This configuration can then be trimmed to any height less than 4¾".

Trim Rubber Threshold Ramps - The ramps and the risers are made of rubber and are easily trimmed to any size less than the original size for an exact fit for your step or door threshold.