EZ-ACCESS Wheelchair Ramp ManufacturerEZ-ACCESS - Homecare Products - The premier manufacturer of wheelchair ramps, wheelchair lifts, bathroom safety equipment and aids to daily living. They provide a wide range of handicap access equipment for both businesses and residential applications. Products are shipped directly from their warehouse and manufacturing facilities in Washington and Kentucky. Quality products, manufactured here in the US, supporting American families.

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Modular Gate for top

  • Use at top of ramps or stairs
$199.95 $169.99

Pathway 3G Platform Handrail (Two-Line) Connector Kit

  • Connector Kit to close off handrails from the ramp the the platform handrails
$175.95 $149.99

Platform Handrail to Step Handrail Connector Kit

  • Connector Kit for Step handrails to Platform handrails
$185.95 $149.99

Platform Tie Straps

$69.95 $59.99

Polymer Base Foot

  • Replacement Polymer Base Foot
$34.99 $26.99

Ramp Handrail "Bee" Plugs

  • Plugs to close off extra holes
$39.95 $29.99

Ramp to Ramp Connector Kit (pair)

  • Connects two ramps sections together.
$199.95 $159.99

Top Support Assembly (pair)

  • Supports the top of a ramp when needed
$185.95 $139.99

Universal Angle Brace

$99.95 $69.99