Selecting the best ramp for your needs is really quite easy. The Ramp Incline chart (below) shows you the ramps you can use at inches and number of degrees of incline. Please read the General Guidelines Below. On right side of the page, we list the ramp styles we recommend for your application, as well as any other ramps that may be used. Simply click on the picture or the link for each ramp type to view the details about that ramp. (click here to enter or change the rise) Feel free to ask us any questions you may have by clicking here.

Recommended Ramp Styles (Use the incline chart to determine the correct length ramp)
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Ramp Incline Chart
Used at %inches% inches:
(Please see ramp guidelines below)
10 Foot Ramp is %FootRamp_10%°
9 Foot Ramp is %FootRamp_9%°
8 Foot Ramp is %FootRamp_8%°
7 Foot Ramp is %FootRamp_7%°
6 Foot Ramp is %FootRamp_6%°
5 Foot Ramp is %FootRamp_5%°
4 Foot Ramp is %FootRamp_4%°
3 Foot Ramp is %FootRamp_3%°
2 Foot Ramp is %FootRamp_2%°
Only Pathway 3G Ramps and Traverse Loading Ramps are available over 10 Feet long.

Ramp Length and Inclines at %inches% inches
The chart above shows the ramps that may be usable at a height of %inches% inches. (click here to re-enter) Ramps that are grayed out are too short to use. Consult the user manual that came with your wheelchair or scooter to determine any slope (incline) restrictions that may apply and select a ramp that meets those requirements. Never use a ramp that exceeds the slope requirements of your chair/scooter.

General Guidelines

  • Never exceed your equipment's recommendations.
  • Consider the user's ability. A longer ramp may be recommended depending upon the condition of the person assisting and/or the weight of the person in the chair.
  • The longer the ramp, the gentler the slope and the easier to use.
  • Generally, it is best to stay under 10 degrees.
  • 11-13 degrees maximum for pushing a patient up in the chair.
  • 15 degrees maximum for walking behind and pushing up an empty chair.
  • 17 degrees maximum for loading an empty chair from beside the ramp.