Wheelchair Lifts

Please browse our selection of EZ-ACCESS Patient and Wheelchair Lifts.  We have the Passport Wheelchair lift for up to 72" in height, the TILT Toilet Seat Lift and the Orbit Patient Transfer Lift for making your home more accessible and greater mobility.

Passport Wheelchair Lifts

Passport Portable Wheelchair Lift

  • 44", 52" & 72" platform wheelchair lifts.
  • Straight across or side exit Scooter Lift.
  • Indoor or outdoor handicap lift.
Passport Portable Wheelchair Lift are a great solution for your wheelchair access needs. The lift feature a whisper quiet motor, small footprint and runs off of a standard 110v electrical outlet. The Passport Lift is an easy to install, American Made, quality vertical platform lift with battery backup (incase of power failures) that is light enough to be portable, yet durable enough for a permanent lift installation.

Passport Portable Wheelchair Lifts with Free Shipping!• Vertical Platform Lift for Wheelchairs, Scooters & more
• Plugs into a Standard Outlet for Easy Installation
• Lift Platforms with Straight across or side exit
• Battery Back Up - Platform Lifts will work up to 30 times without power
• 24" Automatic Entry Ramp for smooth entry onto the Lift
• Install wheelchair lift outdoors or indoors
• Free Ground Shipping!

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From $5,799.99
TILT Power Toilet Seat Lift

TILT Toilet Seat Lift for Independent Living

  • Fits most standard toilets.
  • Comfortable raises or lowers person.
  • Easy to install for independent living.
TILT Toilet Seat Lift for Independent Living and is perfect for helping someone with trouble getting on or off a toilet seat, helping them live a more independent lifestyle. These lifts attach right to the base of most standard toilets and gently raise the person up to a near standing elevation.

TILT Toilet Seat Lifts with Free Shipping! • Easy Installation in as little as 15 minutes.
• Power Motor Commode lifts up to 325Lbs.
• Toilet Seat and Arms Lift in Natural Motion
• Arms are lower than seat in down position for easy transfers
• Removable Cover on toilet lift seat for quick cleaning.
• Both Standard (rounded front) & Elongated (oval) models
• Optional Battery Backup available for the lifts
• Free Ground Shipping!

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From $874.99
Patient Transfer Lift

Orbit Patient Transport Lift

  • Patient Lift for easy transport
  • Complete 360 degree range
  • Available for ceilings up to 12 feet high
Orbit Patient Transport Lift Orbit Patient Lifts with Free Shipping!
• Easy to use Patient Transfer System!
• Full 360 degree rotation!
• Free Ground Shipping!

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From $2,149.00